Our Story

Eliza T Equestrian Apparel is an exciting new equestrian brand based in the heart of England, nestled in the Derbyshire countryside.

Founded by Liz, whos passion of horses has seen her through many equine disciplines over the past 30 odd years. She has also spent the last 5 years in equestrian retail, bringing her a wealth of knowledge in customers requirements and needs.

Having lived daily in breeches and equestrian hoodies, Liz decided it was time for a change!  Not out of the rider wear, but to make the rider wear into fashion wear! Something that could be worn down the local supermarket without getting the funny looks. And so, Eliza T Equestrian Apparel was born.

Meet the Sidekick

As with many equestrian retailers Liz has a sidekick to discuss her ideas and designs with. She doesnt always get an informative response but Billy loves delivery day!